The System

Touch of Color:
An Innovative System for a Showroom Finish

The Touch of Color System is like no other. It is an innovative, environmentally-friendly, patented process that “camouflages” chips, nicks, scratches, and hazing found on new and used automobiles.

Through careful application of the complete system, the Touch of Color process allows the metallic particles in the paint to stand up and capture the light just as if the paint had been sprayed on. The paint stays in damaged areas only, without the unsightly “blobs” of paint left behind by ordinary touch-up jobs.

Our process makes the automobile showroom-ready, without releasing any harmful chemicals into the air or overspray on the car.

The Touch of Color Repair System cosmetically camouflages minor chips, scratches, and hazing found on automobile finishes.

(Before) Chips, nicks and scratches from normal highway driving can become unsightly and noticeably visible.

(After) Blemishes are camouflaged leaving the vehicle reconditioned.

(Before) Scratches before the Touch of Color System

(After) Scratches camouflaged after the Touch of Color System